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My oil paintings and watercolors are all originals. Click on an image to enlarge it. I'd love to hear about the project you have in mind. -Mozaic Mama

Canadian Lynx
This highly intelligent and intuitive animal totem speaks to those who are wise enough to recieve messages. Being open to the future, able to read the signs and share with those who look for their message, if they are ready, you have the ability to see but must know when or if there should be revelation. The lynx is a guardian for keeping secrets, therefore learning to trust and holding trust for others cautions you to be careful and strong in silence. Canadian Lynx is a 12"x12" reversed acrylic painted totem on a partially translucent stained glass background framed in lapis blue inorder to place on your wall or window. $125 plus $20 shipping and handling.
Playful Wolves
Wolves come to us to speak to being present in this moment of change in our lives, to learn, see the truth, and embrace the change. With wolf totem we learn to trust our intuition and decisions and adapt to changes in our lives. Take notice of your resistance to changes in your life, connect with your inner self, ask if you are being called to share and look for lessons in the smallest of situations in your life. The wolf will guide and teach you survival techniques so you will not go hungry. Playful wolves - a reversed acrylic painting ~12x14" mounted on stained glass and again mounted on lightweight mosaic board with an attached wire for wall hanging. $175 plus $20 shipping and handling.
Elephant Friends
Reverse acrylic painting attached to beautiful stained glass held up for light to pass through with a black adjustable metal stand. 10" wide x 12" tall. $110 includes shipping and handling.
Confabulation (false memories)
Brightly colored 11x14 pastel shapes that overlap and not similar to our memories, are they real or are they an overlap of what is real? They are brightly colored so they seem real, however, some are see through therefore questioning their reality. Sitting in a maroon (16x20) mat ready to adorn your wall for $45 plus shipping and handling for $8.00.
Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse outside Portland Maine
11x14 Gouache on yupo, 24 karat leaf highlights, enamel
This unusual mosaic look to the rocks that lead to Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse take you out towards the sea. Lighthouses have over time been the symbol of guiding one home, healing the spiritual self and guidance during tough times. Framed (20x24) in gold to highlight the 24 karat gold leaf within the painting it presently is on sale for $75 plus shipping and handling of $25.
Running with the Wind
11x14 Watercolor on Yupo with a decoupaged running horse and rider, this original painting will remind every horse person of the tremendous feeling of galloping through the wind. Matted (16x20) in Kelly Green, unframed $45 plus shipping and handling of $8.00.
Lone Wolf
Acrylic reversed painting on top of a stunning black, grey and white piece of stained glass situated on a black metal stand to accent the depth of this wolf's eyes. This piece is presently on sale for $75 including the stand plus shipping and handling of $25.
Wild Horses
16x20 framed oil. Can email for more detailed pictures. $320 plus shipping and handling.
Mother Polar Bear With Cubs
Reverse acrylic painted polar bears surrounded by irridized and stained glass mosaic in an 8x10 frame. Can be hung or placed on a metal stand. $80 plus shipping and handling.
Portland Head Light
Reverse painted in acrylic with a watercolor on yupo background. 5x7 with dark wood frame accented with beach shells. $35 plus shipping and handling.
Cart of Flowers
16" by 20" matted watercolor on yupo. $45 plus shipping and handling.
White Light Flower
11"x14" watercolor, matted, for sale. Call for price.
Marooned Garden
11"x14" watercolor, matted, for sale. Call for price.
Swimming Mermaid
Fused glass 6"x8" tile of swimming mermaid.
11"x14" watercolor, matted, for sale. Call for price.
India ink, matted, for sale. Call for price.
When Gardens Dream
Watercolor on yupo, for sale. Call for price.
Goddess of secrets, mysteries and hidden things. Simultaneously looking forward and backwards Based upon what has been.... Reflects what is and what is to come. Thus, the new year begins now. Juno-Janus is made of fused glass with dichroic splatterings, mica paint and yarns framed in an 11 X 13" hanging frame $125 plus shipping and handling.
Hidden from the Sea
Hidden from the Sea is a 16 x 20" watercolor on Yupo paper that moves the observer to look further out to sea after realizing it is there... only it is hidden.
The Other Side of the Looking Glass
The Other Side of the Looking Glass is an acrylic and oil painting on canvas within a neutral 16 x 12" wooden frame. The lighted area hidden from view between the mountains and the trees draws you forward into the brightly lighted area of the unknown.
Blue Desert Horse
A 9" by 12" acrylic wrap canvas painting (not needing a frame) bursting forth and ready to hang. $45 plus an additional $10 for shipping and handling.
16x20" acrylic painting of flowing movement framed in black. $125 plus shipping and handling.
Karen and Her Winter Home
Custom painting of something that is important to you, a house, a boat, a pet or a place. Email or call and we will talk about price.
Friends Going To Play
Acrylic painting with stained glass backdrop in a brass frame bring to light associations, medicines and totems the elephants carry: power, strength, intelligence, compassion, loyalty, and affection. The Hindus symbolize the elephant as the remover of obstacles. These playful young friends, ready to romp and adventure, bring forth the essence of what elephants stand for as they prepare to shoulder many personal journeys. This particular piece is sold, however, a recreation for your personal size can be rendered. Call or email for price according to your size.
Floating Glass
Large multi-colored "floating" art glass on glass to hang on a wall, window or outside (not in direct hot sun). Let me know the size that you are interested in and we'll price accordingly. Pictured is a 12"x16" piece for $125 plus $20 shipping and handling. These will all be original pieces of signed art.
Watercolor on yupo 5x7".
Meeting in the Woods
Meeting in the Woods is an acrylic painting adhered to stained glass and framed with copper. It is designed to sit on an easel on any table top but can be converted to hang from a wall with a copper chain.
Van Gogh on Pastels
A replica of Van Gogh's Wheatfield picure that he painted in oils.

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