Outside Art

Outside, mozaics can add color to a yard. Click on an image to enlarge it. I'd love to hear about the project you have in mind. -Mozaic Mama
Lobster Boat Buoy
Stained glass, sea shells and rocks mosaiced on an authentic washed-ashore bouy. Different sizes and shapes. Can Customize. $75 to $125 plus shipping and handling.
Junk Art Buoy
Butterfly Garden Stake
Standing approximately 3 feet tall on a 1/4" metal rod, this 12" long by 10" high butterfly is mosaiced in colorful blue and green stained cathedral glass, highlighted with mirror and glass nuggets ready to decorate your garden. Price $60 plus shipping and handling.
Fish Garden Stake
Mosaiced in stained glass and glass nuggets attached to a thin metal pole which is approximately 3' tall. Tile and glass are mounted on cement board or MDF board. Custom colors. $60 plus shipping and handling.
Dragonfly Stake
This stained glass mosaiced dragonfly is mounted on mdf, grouted and sealed, standing on a steel rod approximately 3 feet tall. The dragonfly is 12" wide and 9" tall. Price $60 plus shipping and handling.
Sun Catcher 76
This sun catcher is similar to Sun Catcher 73 and is shown hanging outside.
Fairy Houses
Mosaiced in stained glass, trinkets and mirror stand 12" tall and 6" wide. $30 plus shipping and handling (usually around $5).
Garden Art Glass
Approximately 1' x 2' of dancing salmon, purples and blue stained glass surrounded in zinc. Order the colors you would like in a flowing pattern of my choice for $60 plus shipping and handling.
House Sign
Display your house number as a colorful mosaic. Choose your size and colors. Price: $35 to $125 plus shipping and handling.
Pet Stone
Maverick's mom's pocket stone.
Cat Rock
This is my cat Foo Foo. Any animal can be painted. See Pet Portraits for other ideas for paintings of your own pet.
Tiled Lighthouse Bouy
Sun Catcher 77
This sun catcher is similar to Sun Catcher 74 and is shown hanging outside.
Garden Mermaid
Bird Bath with Spout
Large Bird Bath
Queen of the Garden

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