Inside Art

Inside, mozaics can add charm to a room. Click on an image to enlarge it. I'd love to hear about the project you have in mind. -Mozaic Mama

Guiding Light
20"x30" stained glass and ocean rock mosaic designed to catch the light with irridescents scattered through the sea and light from the lighthouse to catch your eye and dance with movement. The sun is either setting or rising and in either case the gulls above the crashing waves on the rocks will bring the spirit a reminder that we are always guided by the light. $1,200 includes shipping and handling.
It's Crazy Out There
Mosaic Window
Brightly colored cathedral glass adhered with acrylic for seamless exposé of glass. 19" tall by 22" wide. It comes with hanging chains. Price: $125 plus $30 shipping and handling.

Falling Leaves
24" x 12" cathedral and stained glass mosaic. Metal shimmering reverse painted leaves. $125 includes shippng and handling.
Lavendar Slumped Glass Vase
5" tall, 7.5" wide. $60 plus $15 shipping and handling.
Black Forest Leaf Plate
The Black Forest Leaf Plate is a fused glass shallow bowl with dichroic. Approximately 12" X 6" and stands on glass orbs and the stem. $80 plus $15 shipping and handling.
Waiting for a Miracle
Mother earth figure is made of stained glass, fused glass and Van Gogh hand cut glass tiles. She is adorned with glass nuggets, driftwood and sea glass from Italy. Sand grouted and sealed she stands approximately 30" tall and 22" wide. Gaia embraces the poetry of George Rouault, "The tree against the sky possesses the same interest, the same character, the same expression as the figure of a human" as she is Waiting for a Miracle. $325 includes shipping and handling.
Moving Black Bottle Topper
This black topper with 3 pieces of gold/green dichroic looks like there is a white streak but in actuality it is only light dancing off the ripple of textured glass on top of the piece.
Hidden in the Grass
Acrylic painted tiger on glass with copper wired stained glass leaves. It is in a metal stand and is approximately 10" wide and 12" tall.
Sunflower Soap Dish
Fused glass sunflower soap dish, custom made to match the bathroom.
Fused Glass and Mosaic Clock
Custom cut plywood, fused glass and stained glass mosaic face embellish this clock to bring a sunny start to anyone's morning.
Pen and Pencil container with matching business card holder
Beautiful turquoise wavy catherdral glass complimented with a rainbow iridescent glass. Show off your business cards along with your pens and pencils. Can be personalized or not.
Cross of Shells from Captiva Island
Stands 12" by 6" with a blue-green heart of fused glass lining the inside of the cross.
Butterfly Mirror
1' x 2', stained glass mosaic with mirror. This item can be custom made to your specifications, that is, you could substitute another motif (for example, animal or flower) for the butterfly, etc. Price without saucer (shown at the right): $125 plus $40 shipping and handling.
Tumbled In From The Sea Vase
Tall vase with the pussywillows stands approximately 10" tall and is made from tumbled glass in pinks and blues with a light blue grout.
Vase 94
Made from handcut stained glass tiles, this 8" vase has primarily pinks and blues.
Brilliant Blue Box
Brilliant blue box for a brilliant wonderful college graduate niece. This was given as a gift and so can the one you order for your special person, be a gift with beauty and function. This is only one... you can choose your size and color for box, priced accordingly.
Vase 95
Made from handcut stained glass tiles, this 6" vase has greens, purples, pinks and blues.
Flower Vase
Call for different sizes and shapes.
Mermaid Tray
Will custom make to your ideas.
Sun Catcher Ball
3" diameter glass ball with cathedral glass chips inside. Hangs in the window to catch the sun's rays. $20 plus shipping and handling.
Cat Rock
This is my cat Foo Foo. Any animal can be painted. See Pet Portraits for other ideas for paintings of your own pet.
Mozaic Candle
Picture Frame 61
Beautiful stained and art glass on wooden 5"x7" frame to hold a 4"x6" photo. Order one like this or one using colors of your choice for $25 plus $10 for shipping and handling.
Picture Frame 62
Beautiful stained and art glass on wooden 5"x7" frame to hold a 4"x6" photo. Order one like this or one using colors of your choice for $25 plus $10 for shipping and handling.
Blue Glass and Pebble 5"x7" Frame
Order one like this or one with fewer pebbles using colors of your choice (sea green, beach pink, ocean blue, Jamaica turquoise, sea foam white) or a mixture of those colors for $25 plus $10 for shipping and handling.
Acerola Sun Catcher
This sun catcher is 7" by 4" and is made from mini glass, nuggets and beads on a glass. $25 plus shipping and handling.
Trish's Sun Catcher
Sun catchers can be made in various shapes, any colors and sizes with anywhere from 6" to 10" lengths on the longest side. $25 plus shipping and handling.
Horse Mirror
1'x2' mirror and stained glass mounted on cement board. Can be hung as is or framed. $125 plus $25 shipping and handling. Add $30 to add framing in a silver metal finish to match the horse or gold metal finish to match the mane and tail.
Pink and Green Picture Frame
5"x7" wooden picture frame with tumbled pink and green glass with small shells in a decorative line to indicate ocean movement. This frame will display a 4"x6" photo. $25 plus $10 for shipping and handling.
Tennessee Walking Horse Totem Stone
3 to 6 pound stone with a painting of your animal totem and a description of the animal. Some believe a totem helps you feel in contact with those traits that the animal has.
Floating Glass
Large multi-colored "floating" art glass on glass to hang on a wall, window or outside (not in direct hot sun). Let me know the size that you are interested in and we'll price accordingly. Pictured is a 12"x16" piece for $125 plus $20 shipping and handling. These will all be original pieces of signed art.
Mozaic Candle
Magnets of Stained Glass, Sea Pebbles, Shells and Painted Stones
Pressed flowers in acrylic in mosaic stained glass mounted on clear. Used as a sun catcher on wall art.
Light Switch Plates
Special order for size and color.
Mosaic Baby Book
Peter Rabbit Scrapbook
Made to fit 12x12 or 11x8 paper. It is made of wood with a stained glass mosaiced top. One of the top's pieces is hand painted.
Blue Candle Holder
Fused glass with dichroic.
Suncatching Mirror
Mosaiced Cat Scrapbook
Bottle Toppers
Each bottle topper is a typically a piece of base glass with dichroic glass and/or gold mica, copper mica and or silver mica painting and then a topper of glass to add depth.
Black Anchor Bottle Topper
Many Colored Bottle Topper
Mica Painted Bottle Topper
Mosaiced Fused Fish
Small Mica Fish
Irridized Mosaic Fish
Runes are a means of communicating with your inner subconscious and of pointing you in a direction of healing and understanding. They also are a way to draw your attention to your fears and hopes.
Incense Holder
Sushi Plate
The sushi plate is 10 x 10 irridized black with white and olive accents. Can make to your specifications. Sizes available: 10 x 10, 8 x 8 or 4 x 4. Irridized grey with hints of rainbow stained glass base with 2 colorful hexagonal fused glass color wheels
Cathedral Triangles Bowl
A 12" X 6" shallow bowl reflecting and transparent the myriad colors of depth that mirror our soul. $125
Top O' the Mornin' Corners
Stained glass morning glories in brilliant verigated lavendars with iridized deep blue buds grace the corners of the doorway or portal into another room, window or view. $150 in your choice of colors.
Fairy Lantern
3-sided stained glass lantern standing 15" tall and 6" wide, highlighting a fused glass Fairy "moving" into the light. This piece is not for sale, however, I will make a fused glass fairy in your choice of colors for $50 plus shipping.

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