Healing Crystals and Gemstones
in Curling Up

Core of the Curl:
Ammonite Fossil: This is the symbol of long life containing the life force.
Pyrite: Fool's Gold: Repels negativity, brings harmony, and increases prosperity.
Copper: all purpose healer conducting electricity to harmonize the body's energies.
Orange-Brown Aragonite Crystal: allows your energy to center in order to relax frayed nerves, hot temper and an unsettled stomach.

The Curl:
Turquoise: detoxifies the body.
Chrysoprase: will allow the body, mind and spirit to be receptive to healing.
Quartz Crystals: promotes healing, cleansing and energizing.
Pyrite: Peacock Ore: repels negativity and brings harmony.
Fluorite: clears tension headaches, calms internal buzzing so relaxation can come to you.
Calcite: helps create a calm home or workplace and prevents infections.
Mother of Pearl: soothing for skin, rashes and allergies. Stone of birth and motherhood.
Desert Rose: heals grief and helps in letting go to experience life more fully.

Surrounding the Curl:
White marble for strength in healing, connecting with the life force and
Calcite Crystals: to promote health and prevent infections and help create a calm workplace or home.

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